General Inquiries

Got ‘dem general questions? Like not too general…Tastemaker general…


Sponsors & Partnerships

The Tastemaker Tour will feed an audience hungry for something brand new...join us! Representing a definitive showcase for food and drink, Tastemaker brings together passionate audiences that share our love of exceptional cuisine; immersing them in an indulgent experience where they can eat, drink and interact with the best in the culinary world. We have 5 festivals in 4 cities this year:

  • Toronto - May 10-12 & Nov 15-17

  • Washington DC - July 12-13

  • Chicago - Aug 16-18

  • Nashville - Oct 11-12


Media Enquiries

Please complete our Media Accreditation form to apply for a media badge to attend Tastemaker Toronto. All members of the media must be accredited.