What’s this Tastemaker Tour all about?

/ˈtāstˌmākər/ “a party thrown by your city’s top chefs, mixologists, restaurants, wineries, artisans, producers...for you and your friends”
(Don’t look it up, it’s the definition)

This ain’t just your run of the mill food festival, with more tents and tokens than cool gastronomic creations.

Tastemaker is more like an invite-only house party; if house parties were hosted by your city’s top chefs.

If you’ve ever called yourself a #foodie, or if you just rep your city hard - this one’s for you.

Tastemaker is your city’s best food & drink mixing it up for one weekend only in our immersive pop-up home. Check below what we’ve got going on…



Tastemaker Kitchen is where the magic happens. Taste it, then try and claim it isn’t magic. Each session the Kitchen houses four chefs in two pairs. Each pair will be creating and serving their dishes…and chatting it up. ‘cause kitchens be the centre of every party ever.



Brand new for 2019. All the ingenuity of the Kitchen, but you can drink the delicious. Your city’s mixologists putting local twists on all your favourite libations. All your drinks, all included in your ticket, all session long.



On top of unique chefs collabs, we’ve got an awesome line-up of restaurants, producers, and music bringing the party to our pop-up home. It’ll be like the most damn delicious pot-luck you’ve ever tasted. Details on who’s joining is available on city pages…pick your city below:


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